Friday, October 06, 2006

तेरे बिना जिंदगी से कोई शिकवा तो नही.....

Do I live in the past? Yeah, most of the times. Many people told me that :-) and I agreed. I decided to be in the present. Live the life as it comes and believe me I have been following it up for last few years. In last 2 years, I have moved to so many different places and lived with people I have hardly known. It was good. Visiting different places and enjoying the specialities of each of them. I had fun. Even now I am in here with bunch of people, I know for last 2 months. Its nice here. Its fun to be neighbour to someone, share the dishes, recipes and sometimes when you forget to buy salt, just knock the next door for a pinch of it. :-) Everything seems so fine.So what's exactly wrong? Thats what I was trying to think.
Every time I left one group of friends, I made bunch of others at new place. And they were all dear to me. There are friends with whom I have spent years and each day of those years. If we did not meet each other for a day, there used to be much to share. I remember when after each exam in college, we used to enjoy the vacation at home.But the phone bills used to be definitely more that month. And also remember the excitement of meeting each other after so many days. I miss that. I miss being so close to someone and sharing every small thing that happens in the day. I feel that those are the friends/people who know me, how I was and How I am.
When I see myself talking now a days, I feel its fake. Its all shallow. When I talk anyone, I ask 'How's life?'. And if anyone asks me that I say ' I am good'. Short and simple.That is why while listening to this song I realised...
तेरे बिना जिंदगी से कोई शिकवा तो नही!
I havent met my old friends for years and may not have written a mail or called. I want to tell all those my friends that I miss them, I miss being with them and I miss laughing,enjoying,hanging out with them.I want to tell all of them that....
तेरे बिना जिंदगी से कोई शिकवा तो नही.....
तेरे बिना जिंदगी भी लेकिन जिंदगी तो नही.....जिंदगी नही......


Anonymous said...

really somewhat matching to my life also...


Shashank said...

माझं कसं झालंय सांगू?
एक गेला अमेरिकेला. एक गेला नेव्हल अकादमी मध्ये. एक गेला IITB मध्ये. एक आला माझ्याबरोबर. बाकीचे राहिले पुण्यात.
गेल्या ३ वर्षात इतकी वेगवेगळी जीवनं जगलो आहोत... एकदम disjoint. पूर्वी ज्या frequencies जुळत होत्या तश्या आता जुळतील का नाही कोण जाणे...
बघू परत कधी भेटतोय ते...

लोकांना miss करण्यात पण मजा असते नाही?

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