Monday, November 20, 2006


When I was in eighth standard, I had one favourite fountain pen. I loved it so much, I used to write my homework promptly during those days. And some day, suddenly it wasnt there. I searched the whole house, my school bag, even my classroom.But I couldnt find it. :-(( It was gone. I went to the shop to buy a new one. But the new one didnt make me like it. I missed my pen a lot. Many a times, I used to feel restless and start searching in the house all over again.But I knew it was gone. That was one incident of my restlessness, frustration I always remember. And there were many more after that.....there have been so many things that I lost.
There is one more thing that make me restless, TIME. It make me feel frustrated for not able to go back and fix the things that I want to fix so badly. The decisions that were made in hurry or the ones which were too late. Have you ever been in a classroom that is really boring and you are stuck for another two hours? Doesnt that make you feel frustrated? The time doesnt move fast. And you feel like killing yourself for making that decision of sitting in the class. And there are some moments where you want to be there so badly and you are late. You feel like fixing it, but no, it doesnt work that way. If its gone, its gone.......
My friend used to tell me always that time doesnt come back but I never understood its real meaning.Now many a times I realise how true it is. Really, time doesnt come back. You can just think and feel sad,bad, restless and frustrated for not able to make it come back. So the only way you can make things better is going ahead and trying to make better decisions. And reduce the probability of getting into position to repent.
Well, if only it was so easy to look ahead all the time. I always go the moments I missed and get the pain of Restlessness !!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

'वो' फिरसे आया था

एक कोशिश कर रही हूं मराठी में लिखी कविता का भाषांतर करने की:( I hope this helps)

'वो' फिरसे आया था,
मेरे विश्वास को तोडने
आ गया था मुझे अपने मन को समझाना
भूला दिया है मैने उसे
और सिख भी लिया था
गम भुलाकर ह्सना.
'वो' फिरसे आया था,
मुझे बताने क्या होता है खिलखिलाना.

भावनाओंके सारे दरवाजे मैने
बंद किये थे
होठों को भी बडे
तालें लगायें थे
'वो' फिरसे आया था,
वो सारे दरवाजे खोलने
ना खुले तो उन्हे तोडने.

उसके और मेरे सारे दोस्तोंसे
हम दूर जा चुके थे
नयी जगह, नये लोगोंसे
नाते जोड लिये थे.
'वो' फिरसे आया था,
पुरानी यांदे जगाने,
कौन कहा रहता है
ये मुझे ही पुछने.

लेकीन 'वो' आया और मैने जाना
क्या खोया था,
मन को कितना भी रोका
उसे तुम्हारे पास ही आना था.
खूब सारी बातें की है
और ढेर सारी यादें ताजा की है
मन के दरवाजे खोल
दिलमें रोशनी भर ली है.

तुम फ़िर जा रहे हो
मेरे लिये एक बडा काम छोडके
फ़िरसे बांध बांधने है
फिरसे ताले लगाने है
मनकॊ फ़िरसे समझाना है
जब तक ना समझे तब तक बताना है
की अब तुम्हे भूल जाना है
फ़िरसे.........तुम्हारे बिना मुझे जीना है.