Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Some fortune cookies...

First day of new year, 2007. Well it wasnt different than any other holidays as I got up at noon. I was tired of cooking and didnt feel like getting ready too. But there was one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to go to one of my favourite restaurant 'Bamboo Garden' , it serves Indian-Chinese food. As I had my first tea at 2.30 pm :-), I kept on thinking if I should go to that place or not. I was saying 'no' only because, I eat a lot there and the food is very oily sometimes. Finally I confirmed on 'NO' and started making dinner at home. Just before starting the dinner, my friends came over and they were planning to go to the same hotel. They asked us and I couldnt say 'NO' this time. :-))
So was it a really strong desire and my friends were just catalyst? I was glad that my wish, my desire was fulfiiled finally. So is it going to be a year of fulfilling desires and having dreams come true? May be....or may be not because....At the end of dinner came the funny part, fortune cookie. I love these cookies. They are different, sweet but not very sweet. So when I opened this fortune cookie it said....
"Some fortune cookies do not contain any fortune". ( :-) this one is sarcastic)
Anyway, its just the beginning. Lets wait and watch another battle of our dreams and destiny!!!
Wish you all a very happy new year !

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ultrarider said...

Best to you and yours in 2007.
I chuckled at your not getting a fortune in your fortune cookie. Consider that a blessing or a bit of "good luck" they are so silly anyway!!