Sunday, September 24, 2006

Moong-daal ka Halwa

Finally I made it. Yes, I did. I made moong ka halwa twice and it was great. :-) There is a great restuarant in Chicago 'Jhopadi' where you get nice Gujarati thali. Their moong ka halwa was the most tempting thing for me. So this halwa was on my mind for a while. Few days back, I finally got the recipe from google for the halwa and made it. It was lengthy process and very tiring. I was afraid but to my surprise, it came up well. :-) I stored it well and had it for next 3 days. :-))

Over the weekend, I tried it again. This time, it was perfect. :-) When you do something right first time, you feel happy. When you get it right second time, you feel confident. So am I feeling right now. :-)) This time, it wasnt even tiring. Quick and sweet. :-) I am going to enjoy it for another 2-3 days. Ha ha ha.... here is the one I tried..

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Shunya said...

Aaplayala pan moonga dala ka halava aawadato.. tya mage motthi gosta aahe.. aani me jevha pahilyanda kela tevha.. khop chana jhala.. next time pan chana jhala.. third time ajoon kela nahi.. but he vachhon aananada jhala mhanon comment lihata aahe..
pustaka kadhi prasiddha karanar maga.. katha kavitancha.. suruvatila asa kahitari liha.. "mazhya blogs chya serva vachakana samarapit .."